Jamie McLellan | October 31st, 2006

Maui consists of one-third monster truck driving locals, one-third hippies, and one-third surfers who use phrases similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The hippies have made their mark, with some great organic food stores (my favorites being Mana Foods in Paia and Down To Earth in Kahului). The locals are to be respected (their monster trucks will easily crush your rusting rental). As for the surfers, here is my guide to acting like one:

  • A good start is listening to The Point 101.1 FM - all American rock for the MTV generation of extreme sports participants.
  • If you didn’t bring your boards with you, you’ll need to rent on. Neil Pryde Maui (Hana Highway, Kahalui) will sort you out with the latest and best looking kit for surfing and / or windsurfing.
  • Whilst there, you might as well cross the road to Maui Coffee Roasters for a sandwich and a BIG coffee (the filtered kind like cops drink on a stake out). Here you’re likely to bump into pro-riders taking a break from the board shapers and sail lofts in the vicinity. Do your best befriend one so you can sail from his or her beachfront property in Sprecklesville (aka Sprecks, dude) or Camp One.
  • If unsuccessful with the pros, head to Kanaha Beach for your first sail, not far from Kahului Airport.
  • Once you’re feeling confident you may want to try sailing from the famous Hookipa beach. Depending on your ability this may be best left till the end of you holiday in case of broken limbs.
  • After a day on the water, a good place to refuel is The Fish Market in Paia for great Ahi burgers.
  • Aside from talking about, prepping for, partaking in and recovering from surfing and windsurfing, the other must do’s while staying on Maui include a trip to the top of Mount Helakala Volcano and climbing into the crater, driving to Hana Rain forest, and snorkeling with the fish and turtles on the calmer Kihei side of the island.

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