Ksubi ‘Sign of the Times’ by Paul Wilson, Mikey Nolan, and George Gorrow

Guest Contributor | May 21st, 2007

I love travelling, there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think about being somewhere else. It’s an enormous world out there and fortunately, working at Ksubi, we get the opportunity to visit the fashion rat hole capitols on a regular basis but mostly we are restricted to the well trodden footpaths & nests of bars and stores. So when we made the decision last year to attend the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada I quietly walked to the bathroom and flipped the fuck out, stoked overload.

The Burning Man Festival is a mission, everything you drive, exhibit, eat, wear, sleep in, smoke, swallow and shit in, you take with you and take away when you leave. The playa (desert floor) is a national park and the organisers don’t leave a cigarette or diamante behind. Its an arts festival first and for most, a modern pagan hangout the rest of the time. Some say its life changing, we can definitely say it will be one of the funnest things you could ever imagine doing x 100.

It’s a five day festival so at the end when we decided in a fatigued unshowered state to pack up our art piece and RV and exhibit it across 4300 miles of the American landscape through the Rockies fat America and Amish Minnesota onto to New York, I thought we were absolutely retarded but deep down that dream trip of driving across the USA held true and we headed off. Present were George Gorrow, Mikey Nolan, Kiku Tomi, Ozlem Esen and myself.

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