Singing in Sweden by Alana Taylor

Guest Contributor | August 15th, 2008

Ok, so my first trip to Sweden I was envisioning lots’ of vodka, Ikea stores on every corner and loads of beautiful people. Well, 1 out of 3 isn’t bad; it was the beautiful people on every corner that I got right.

Arriving at the beginning of summer (the end of May), we were blessed with amazing weather and super long days. The sun sets at around 10.30pm and rises just after 3am. No time for sleep in this beautiful idyllic city.

The town has been taken over by bicycles; this was something that I was totally mesmerized by. The whole city is bike user friendly, unlike Sydney where I can only ride my bike to two places, the local blockbuster or the chicken shop. After stepping out of a bar, seeing the local Swedish talent at a gig around midnight, the streets were full of bike riders. I was beside myself, which would have to of been one of the coolest sights ever – riding home after a night out, nice.

The Swedes really get into the theme of things and the best place to see this was a great restaurant called Grill. It has a mix of themes inside ranging from French provincial, summer in Asia, burlesque and Miami Vice. The menu also catered to the themes. The food was divine and the atmosphere was amazing. You can suit the food to match your setting or you can mix it up!

In addition to the bands we saw and food we ate, we also came across some local talent from the Grandpa Choir Boys. This is a group of Swedish men mixed between the ages of 26-35 singing anything from old Swedish tunes to Madonna or Kool and the Gang. A weird combination but it totally works, grown men singing Madonna’s Holiday is a rare yet amazing site. Only in Sweden, eh?

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