Feel Cherished in Sydney

Marion Hume | November 17th, 2010

Photo of Donna Hay’s General Store by Anthony Whittle

Good news from Sydney for those wanting to feel cherished from tip to toe and then add a cup cake! How’s this for the perfect combo; complete beauty treatment, then a hop and a skip round the corner to Donna Hay’s lovely store?


Polished is the place all those glossy Sydney chicks go for their mani/pedi/blow drys (there’s also a yoga studio).

There are high speed, “all I’ve got is one hour,” “bring it on,” treatments where you can get everything done at once by a tag team of 2 or 3 therapists. (Try the Overhaul 60 minutes = 15 minute facial + blow dry + shape Œn’ shine on hands and feet).

Or you can get entirely polished with, say, the Brazilian blowout (2 hrs 30 minutes) for fabulous shiny hair, then add the 60 minute primo pedicure (nails shaped and buffed, exfoliation with a coconut sugar scrub, relaxing soak, massage with warm oils etc.) then a body massage, lash colour and this being Sydney, a tan from a can. It’s also the home of the best cutters and colourists in town. Polished is upstairs in swanky Woollahra and you will leave feeling well, polished, obviously.

Polished, Level 1, 132 Queen Street, Woollahra, NSW 2025. + 612 9328 5028; www.polishedbeautybar.com.au


A hop and a skip brings you to (oh goody) Donna Hay’s general store at where you can find treasures such as artisan ceramics, letterpress stationery, and here’s the really good bit:- Donna Hay cupcakes.

Donna Hay General Store, 40 Holdsworth Street, Woollahra, NSW 2025. + 612 9328 6555; www.donnahay.com

Woollahra used to be snooty and, barring the fabulous bookshop, quite dull. Who says things can’t change for the better!

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