Where to Eat if Someone Else is Paying - The Danieli, Venice

Marion Hume | November 9th, 2010

If someone is treating you in Venice, do suggest they take you to The Danieli, where old smoothy, Roger Moore - surely the most sauve Bond if not quite the most believable secret agent - is said to have stayed. Certainly, scenes in Live & Let Die (1973) show off the hotel’s astonishing chandeliers.

The restaurant, up on the roof in one of the highest spots in Venice, is more the haunt of film directors than movie stars.
Gentlemen, you really should be suited and booted + tie to dine here. Ladies, good news; the combination of flickering candlelit and old Murano mirrors gives such a gentle light, it’s way better than Botox - so think of that when they ask if you want to eat inside or out on the terrace, from which the view is fantastic.

In the 14th century, this was a private palace of the Doge Dandolo. A hotel since 1822, the Danieli has hosted Dickens, Wagner, Balzac, Proust, although you may not spare any of them a thought while you are swooning over the tuna and sea bass tartar with perfumed crisp fennel and olive tapenade. The tribulations of the long history of the Venetian republic will likely be far from your mind as you enjoy a trilogy of Venetian lagoon fish or the grilled Adriatic fish platter.

The only downside of the Danieli is that it is a serious date + result type restaurant. The couple dining next to us really ought to have ordered room service. Or perhaps they were just overcome with the romance of Venice.

Hotel Danieli, http://danieli.hotelinvenice.com/

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