Lanaʻi Island

Jamie McLellan | December 9th, 2010

Last Halloween, whilst in Maui for work, my partner and I spent the weekend camping on Lanaʻi Island. This was the easiest camping I have ever endured.

We packed a chilly bin on wheels with beers, fresh fruit, meats and snacks, stacked the tent on top and wheeled ourselves onto the ferry that leaves from Lahaina on Maui’s south shore.

After a pleasant 45 minutes we arrived at the Manele harbour. From here we wheeled our setup 100 metres to the camp site, which happens to neighbour Lanai’s Four Seasons Hotel. Whilst the hotel is glitzy and repulsive, they did keep a tidy beach complete with iced lemonade dispensers that we took full advantage of.

It seems nobody wants to camp on Halloween, which meant we had the entire beach to ourselves, eating dinner on the sand and sleeping with our tent facing the ocean and the beautiful setting sun.

In the morning we awoke to the sounds of dolphins squeaking and playing in the water not far from shore. The beach is a marine reserve, and is frequent by Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. There were dozens of these super cute little guys, circling swimmers and occasionally leaping (and spinning) out of the water. Acrobatics aside, it was amazing how the clicking and squeaking of the dolphins’ sonar seemed to resonate within our own immersed bodies.

Away from the Four Seasons camping ground, the old plantation town (this island was once owned by the Dole pineapple family) provided a welcome contrast to the tourists in white sneakers.
We enjoyed wondering around peaking at the sweet little houses and completed our trip with two huge breakfasts at The Blue Ginger Café for the grand total of ten dollars.

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