Coffee We Love - Toby’s Estate Coffee in Brooklyn

Deana Bianco | January 30th, 2012

Toby’s Estate has mastered the coffee house formula: great coffee, relaxing atmosphere and knowledgeable baristas. Toby’s first opened fifteen years ago in Sydney, Australia so they are not really the new kids on the block when it comes to coffee. It is one of the only spots where my boyfriend, who is a picky coffee drinker, goes to for a pour-over. I am a lady of simple tastes so the ‘flat white’ with a chocolate croissant is enough to make me happy. Did I mention that Toby’s is the only place in Williamsburg that has Vegemite on toast? The loft space is large with ceilings that are over 50 feet tall and most of the tables are low to the ground with small stools surrounding them, which makes the place feel intimate. They play tunes that range from Pet Shop Boys to Ariel Pink to Arcade Fire; mixes that you wished you had on your personal computer. If you’re looking for a seat, it’s best to go to Toby’s during a weekday because on the weekends it is standing room only.

Toby’s Estate Coffee, 125 N 6th, Brooklyn, NY 11211. + 347-457-6160;

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