Chic Sportif at The Hotel Cipriani in Venice

Marion Hume | August 25th, 2012

Photos Courtesy of Hotel Cipriani

Some hotels are world famous because they deserve it. Some hotels stay worth the hype. Such a hotel is the enchanting Hotel Cipriani, out on the lagoon in Venice. After many years of traveling, it always makes my personal “Top 10” list, because of course, it is gorgeous, the setting looking across the water to Venice is peerless and the service is immaculate but mostly because it is surprisingly, commendably unsnobby. Everyone is a star at the Hotel Cipriani.

The latest effort to prove this dowager is far from dowdy; kayaking at the Cipriani. You can do a half day tour on the water, a full day tour too. However for those who don’t like the idea of being caught in the backsplash of the vaporetto or jostling for canal space with the gondeliers, a gentler option; an evening paddle through the city after a dinner in the lagoon. What could possibly be finer?

Well, if you are as unsporty as me, frankly, a boat where someone else has to make the effort. So the even better news for those not enamored with paddling their own canoe is that one can now step aboard the grand hotel’s private “topetta” boat and be taken on a twilight tour of the most picturesque corners of Europe’s loveliest city.

To enjoy either, you must first check into the Hotel Cipriani. Which is hardly a hardship. Except of course on the wallet. But consider it money well spent.

Hotel Cipriani & Palazzo Vendramin, Giudecca 10, 30133 Venice, Italy. +39 041 240 801;

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