Hogmead in Nairobi, Kenya

Marion Hume | November 9th, 2012

Photos by Fuzz Dyer

If you want wildlife with your breakfast (not in your breakfast, you understand) then I can think of no better place than Hogmead, in the leafy and gorgeous Karen district of Nairobi, Kenya where a wild boar might just saunter past as you are enjoying an early morning plate of poached eggs. As for the giraffes, while they aren’t quite close enough to nibble your toast, you might see them over the fence.

Hogmead is a delightful addition to the Nairobi safari hotel scene for other reasons too, these revolving firmly around the hosts, the fabulously jauntily named Bimbi and Fuzz Dyer who cannot do enough to make your stay wonderful. All hotels boast of good service, but Hogmead really delivers. Fabulous Bimbi, a svelte and determined blonde, took on a flight SNAFU of mine as if it were the easiest thing in the world and - gawd bless her, she solved it. Meanwhile Fuzz, a muscular chap full on bonhomie served me another stiff G&T.

Good hosts mean good guests - everyone staying at Hogmead steps up to the mark. Evening drinks to the backdrop of a stunning sunset are about the best networking you’ll find in all Africa. Yeah, yeah, so you hate networking, because it is the activity of the devil. But when, within five minutes, over another really good G&T, you have met with two people who make your day feel better, one with whom you might do business and another who has the best business idea you┬╣ve heard in years, you relax and enjoy it.

So Hogmead; great rooms, great hosts, great location, great warthogs. What’s not to love?

Hogmead, P.O Box 24576, Nairobi, Kenya. + 254 (0) 20 211 5453; www.hogmead.com

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