Prague Art

Marion Hume | November 19th, 2012

Photos by Peter Hunt

If you are feeling arty, fly straight to Prague.

From Frank Gehry’s Dancing House (also known as Fred and Ginger House), the streets are awash with visual treats. You turn a corner and there are some weird babies with TVs for faces, by David Cerny, crawling towards you. Out on the river, there’s a troop of yellow plastic penguins. There are museums of modern art wherever you look.

While the caricaturists who sit behind their easels on the Charles Bridge don’t seem to have improved much since I last visited Prague 20 years ago, the street theatre is livelier - and that is not including the medieval hog roast I stumbled upon, where the entertainment was provided by an acoustic lute player with a cleavage so eye-popping I suspect it is listed among Prague’s top attractions. I mention it only because the lady possessed of it was clearly far from shy, although I alone among the crowd held back capturing it on camera.

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