Wieliczka Salt Mine, nr. Krakow, Poland

Rebecca May Johnson | March 4th, 2013

You might not think “key destination” at the mention of a salt mine near Krakow, but the sparkling crystalline kingdom in Wieliczka, with its own cathedral, three chapels and many statues carved out of the salt, will change that. Once you get past the slightly claustrophobic lift journey down, it’s like entering a scene from Lord of the Rings and is the most incredible work of human endeavour, elevating what might have simply been a dreary, dark place of work into a site of glittering beauty. Shafts were first dug in Wieliczka in the thirteenth century, and the mine has produced table salt continuously until 2007, and is still in operation. If you visit you’ll be joining the ranks of Copernicus, Goethe, Chopin and Clinton…


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