The One & Only, The Palms, Dubai

Marion Hume | August 7th, 2013

Those who cross the world with Qantas are getting familiar with Dubai (the hub since Qantas and Emirates became new best friends in April 2013).

So where to stay on an Australia-to-Europe stopover?

One & Only The Palm Dubai is the sophisticated choice. It doesn’t have a ski slope or an underwater aquarium in the lobby (although it is located on the tip of the man made island in the shape of a palm frond and that, in itself, is extraordinary).

It is cool in a desert nation that is very hot. It is quiet in a place where shopping can be frenzied. It has a fantastic swimming pool so you don’t even need to bother to walk just a few yards to the beach - and you won’t bother because Dubai can be so hot, you can hardly get outside your air conditioned room. Anyway, the temperature of the sea water is weird; on the hotter side of warm.

For a one-day stop over, let me recommend the following; a charming welcome with chilled drink and cool towel when we reached the hotel at 3am in the morning. A fantastic shower. A wonderfully comfortable bed. A terrace just outside where my always insomniac-in-transit husband could be well out of my way. Breakfast (on the dot of 7am, what with jetlag) included a dish which has become a legend to us - the world’s most delicious rice pudding full of Eastern promise.

You don’t do much on a one-day stop over. I can confirm a lunchtime snack (chilled soup with pitta bread) then a light dinner before leaving for the midnight plane were both perfect. As for what to do in between, you could of course shop or even ski. I did nothing, which at the One & Only The Palms Dubai seems the intelligent alternative.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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