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It Hurts So Good - The Louis Vuitton First Aid Kit

Deana Bianco | January 10th, 2010

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Fashion can be painful but rewarding all at the same time. Nothing could exemplify this more than the limited edition Louis Vuitton’s first aid kit. Now we can really be stylish while trying to heal our wounds. Created for The Red Cross’ 150th anniversary, its sleek monogrammed classic ‘LV’ [...]

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The Dia: Beacon

Deana Bianco | August 27th, 2009

Photos by Dave Burnett
The economic crisis in New York City has hit hard. Things aren’t all dim, however. Instead of stressing out, New Yorkers should appreciate things that are located right in their back yard; take less vacations and more stay-cations.
Last weekend I took a road trip on a beautiful windy summer afternoon [...]

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Idaho and Montana

Deana Bianco | November 2nd, 2008

The northwest was the last section of the U.S. I had yet to discover. Recently, my boyfriend and I took a long weekend to journey through Idaho and Montana. We coasted into the small town of Coeur d’Alene, located on a lake in Northern Idaho and walked lakeside while the sun set and [...]

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Deana Bianco | September 10th, 2008

I am the kind of person who has to know what is going on EVERYWHERE. From London to Tokyo to Sri Lanka I want to be informed. So to keep up with what is going on in New Zealand, I check in with my homie (ok we aren’t really homies and I [...]

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Deana Bianco | July 12th, 2008

Photos by Dave Burnett
They say you can never be young again, but I’d like to differ. It took attending this year’s Bonnaroo festival to feel like I was thirteen years old again with headlining acts like Pearl Jam, Robert Plant, and Metallica.
Bonnaroo is held every year in June in Manchester, TN. [...]

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Deep in the Heart of Texas

Deana Bianco | May 13th, 2008

Photos by Dave Burnett
Texas is a gem in America that I have always been curious about. From the ten gallon cowboy hats to The Alamo, to rodeos and that ultra glam 80’s drama ‘Dallas’, I’ve always been intrigued by what Texas has to offer. This spring, I decided to mosey my way down to [...]

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Bob Cage Sculpture Farm

Deana Bianco | December 26th, 2007

Driving through southern Virginia, we came across the small town of South Boston and local artist Bob Cage who has a sculpture farm that visitors can walk around and interact with. My favorite part of the whole thing were the shy herd of goats that were keeping their distance, the rustic log cabin and [...]

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Deana Bianco | December 6th, 2007

This year a friend talked me into going to America’s favorite sport NASCAR. Now I know, a bunch of cars going around in a circle round and round for 500 laps doesn’t sound so appealing but it was an excuse to take a road trip down to southern Virginia and experience the hospitality of [...]

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Deana Bianco | October 25th, 2007

I have been retreating to Vail ever since I was a child and it was one of the first mountains I learned to snowboard on. It’s one of the last ski towns in Colorado where I personally don’t feel the stuffiness and congestion that goes hand in glove with places like Aspen or Telluride. Although [...]

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Deana Bianco | August 26th, 2007

It takes a certain something to make someone want to jump out of a plane 16,000 feet above the ground. Whatever that ‘something’ is, I had it one sunny summer day in August.
My brother and I drove to a small airport in Longmont, Colorado from Colorado Springs and my heart was thumping in [...]

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Defending Our Oceans

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