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Kathmandu - The Gateway to Nepal

Guest Contributor | July 4th, 2013

Stepped in more than 2000 years of history, Nepal’s capital is a colourful and chaotic melting pot of Asian cultures and traditions.

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Bieszczady Mountains and its Colourful Architecture Trail - A Step Into The Polish Past by Maria Korsak

Guest Contributor | September 22nd, 2012

Photos by Artur Swistak
It’s early morning and I am ready to start a discovery trail in the far-flung corner of Poland’s Bieszczady Mountains.
This rugged and isolated terrain bordering with Ukraine and Slovakia is full of gentle peaks with sweeping pastures known as “Poloniny” at the top, dense beech forests and fast flowing rivers in the [...]

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Copenhagen Cake Festival by Rea Kim

Guest Contributor | September 2nd, 2012

When you are on a holiday you have all the rights to indulge on things you won’t normally dare. That includes excessive consumption of Gin & Tonic, sampling your own body weights of cheese or attending a Cake Festival organised by Copenhagen Pastry Guild with works of the best “konditorer” in Copenhagen.
Konditorer is someone [...]

Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe, Slideshows

Vegas Fine Dining by Belinda Henley

Guest Contributor | July 24th, 2012

Las Vegas gets a bad wrap for many things. Affectionately, or perhaps unaffectionately referred to as ‘Sin City’, it is certainly not widely known for its cuisine offerings. But, it should be. Vegas has more Michelin starred restaurants per capita, than anywhere else in the world. The last time I visited almost ten years ago [...]

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Henry Beguelin Asia Pacific by Rea Kim

Guest Contributor | July 14th, 2012

This is the first Henry Beguelin flagship store to open in Seoul Korea. The area is called Apgujung-Dong the most sought after borough where all the rich and famous goes shopping, lunching and has the most cosmetic surgeries then any where in the whole country.

Henry Beguelin has been producing luxury leather goods since the early [...]

Asia, Miscellaneous, Seoul, Slideshows, South Korea, Stuff we Love

Fashion in the Middle East by Lindsey Botts

Guest Contributor | June 26th, 2012

Photos Courtesy of Pashion Magazine
Contrary to what most perceive as a conservative, restrictive society Cairo is a bustling epicenter of culture and style where more is always better. In fact, all over the Middle Eastern capitol the abays and niqabs worn by the women belie a fashion conscious consumer for whom western elegance and style [...]

Africa, Egypt, Slideshows

Where To Go In Rome - Spanish Steps by Remy Duscher

Guest Contributor | June 1st, 2012

They may be called the Spanish Steps but the Italians (and flocks of tourists) sure know how to use them. Stroll to the top of the 137 step climb or prefer to people-watch with a Prosecco in hand amongst hot young things toting Zara bags and middle age business men sneaking in a mid-afternoon gelato. [...]

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Surviving the Olympics by Madeleine Hall

Guest Contributor | May 23rd, 2012

Photos by Artur Swistak
From the way Londoners are anticipating the Olympics this summer you wouldn’t be too far off imaging a state of guerrilla warfare is imminent. Posters all over London encourage locals to take up cycling to work or adjust their morning routine to avoid the worst of the chaos. Sorry I mean [...]

Europe, London, Slideshows, United Kingdom

Eateries We Love - Trattoria Mario in Florence by Remy Duscher

Guest Contributor | May 18th, 2012

As traditional and Italian as it’s namesake, this tiny lunchtime trattoria (open 12-3:30pm Monday-Saturday) hidden beyond more flashy and expensive restaurants has been servicing hungry locals and tourists alike for almost 60 years. And it hasn’t lost its way.
We arrive later than most at 2pm and are told the wait should be no [...]

Eateries We Love, Europe, Florence, Italy, Miscellaneous, Stuff we Love

Gibbon Experience by J Field

Guest Contributor | April 24th, 2012

Coming back to my Sydney desk from a long meeting, the link to arrived in my inbox. Before I completed reading the site, all rationale for planning and research was forgotten. We had confirmation of the last two spots. Describing itself as an eco tourism forest conservation project or in my terms [...]

Asia, Eco Tourism, Laos, Miscellaneous, Stuff we Love

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