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Cartel, Christchurch

Jamie McLellan | December 14th, 2008

Cartel is a great little not-too-pretentious and not-too-conservative bar in SOL Square (Off Lichfield Street), Christchurch.
It’s a tiny little space, but I seem to recall the bartender saying something about bringing a horse inside for the staff party?

Christchurch, New Zealand, Oceania

Yacht Racing On Hong Kong Harbour

Jamie McLellan | November 30th, 2008

I went Etchells yacht racing on Hong Kong Harbour. The boats are stored out of the water and the owners make a phone call to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club who arrange for their boats to be craned into the water and readied. You just turn up, go sailing for a few hours, and [...]

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Tree Crop Farm

Jamie McLellan | November 12th, 2008

Tree Crop Farm is a romantic little B&B made up of a small farm house and 3 standalone cottages, all nestled snuggly into the Akaroa hillside.

My partner and I stayed in one of the cottages on a cold and rainy weekend which made it all the more enjoyable to be rugged in front of an [...]

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San Francisco

Jamie McLellan | October 27th, 2008

It goes without saying that San Francisco is one of the more liberal US cities, and you come to feel it as you walk the streets. Bicycles and skateboards are common forms of transport, and if you have to drive, it’s quite likely you’ll be in a hybrid Toyota Prius.
Upon my first visit to the [...]

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Ninety Mile Beach

Jamie McLellan | July 19th, 2008

Despite being a must-do activity for Kiwis and tourists alike, until now I had never been to Ninety Mile Beach. Having finally done it feels like I have completed some kind of rite of passage.
It is a truly liberating feeling to drive at 100 kilometres per hour on what is probably the widest two-lane highway [...]

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Clovelly, Sydney

Jamie McLellan | June 27th, 2008

Clovelly is a sweet suburb a couple of beaches south of Bondi, and north of Coogee. There is a small village about 7min walk up the hill from the beach, that is home to Clodeli, a delicious cafe and deli that serves great corn cakes with tomato salsa and wasabi.
The village also has a great [...]

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A New York State of Mind

Jamie McLellan | May 29th, 2008

On my first trip to New York, I was a bit busy leaving London and foolishly thought I’d be ok to organise accomodation upon landing at JFK. How wrong I was. The only place anywhere close to where I thought was central turned out to be the smelliest, dirtiest place I have ever slept in [...]

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Worser Bay Swing

Jamie McLellan | March 19th, 2008


One of my favourite spots in the world that I was initially a little hesitant to share is this fairly decent sized swing opposite the yacht club at Worser Bay, Wellington. I can’t think of a better way to feel like you’re tens years old again.

New Zealand, Oceania, Wellington

Sydney Swans Supporter

Jamie McLellan | February 5th, 2008

Whilst staying in Paddington a few months ago, I met Mrs. Rutonski on her way to see the Sydney Swans play at the nearby SCG. I was impressed by her matching jacket, hat, scarf and backpack in Swans’ colours, topped off with an Adam Schneider badge, and she was kind enough to let me take [...]

Australia, Miscellaneous, Oceania, Sydney

Cycling In Southern England

Jamie McLellan | January 4th, 2008

A great way take a quick breather from London is to go mountain biking in Surrey.
All year round the riding is great. The trails weave their way through small English villages, rolling hills, WW2 gun emplacements, picturesque woodlands, Harry Potter like school grounds, farmland and secluded cricket pitches.
Holmbury Hill is the highest peak in [...]

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