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Souvenirs We Love - Finger Puppets at The National Gallery

Mikhail Gherman | June 7th, 2010

In London, the National Gallery does a range of great artists as finger puppets! Collect van Gogh, Monet and Michelangelo!

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Fijian Kava Dance

Mikhail Gherman | May 1st, 2007


Video of Fijian Kava Dance in Vomo Island, Fiji.

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Moscow Metro

Mikhail Gherman | February 1st, 2007


The Moscow Metro is beyond beautiful. It’s a masterpiece and one of the most incredible things in the city

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Mikhail Gherman | February 1st, 2007


Cleaning Lady at Chauchesku’s Palace, Bucherest


Wedding Dance at Hilton Bucharest
On a recent trip to Bucharest shooting a commercial we took a drive into the country side who’s highlights included Dracula’s castle, horse drawn farmers’ carts and a power station. I spotted some great looking buildings and some equally great looking people.

The best place [...]

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Defending Our Oceans

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