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Flying from New York City to Korea over Siberia and the Sea of Ochotsk

Valery Gherman | February 18th, 2010

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Seattle - Downtown Weekend Retreat

Valery Gherman | December 4th, 2009

On a recent visit to Seattle I had the pleasure of staying at the amazing and iconic hotel The Edgwater. It was the only downtown Seattle hotel, which is literally on the water and a true retreat rather than just a hotel. I had the option of a few hotels around the city, but coming [...]

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Whistler, British Columbia

Valery Gherman | January 13th, 2009

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Valery Gherman | August 24th, 2008

Itching to get away for the weekend, I desperately needed some beach time. I was contemplating flying to Miami for the weekend, but somehow stumbled over the idea of visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico which is just three and a half hours from NYC and located in the Caribbean. I couldn’t decide originally whether to [...]

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Valery Gherman | April 11th, 2008

Harbour Island lies off the northern end of Eleuthera, one of the many islands which make up the Bahamas. The only access to Harbour Island is by water taxi which makes the island the perfect exclusive escape without the hordes of tourists, casinos, and golf crowd, which is why the islands perfect pink sand beaches [...]

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Camping in the Catskills

Valery Gherman | February 24th, 2008

The best part of camping in New York is that you can camp free in any state park as long as you are 150 feet from any road, trail, spring or stream.
The Sundown Campsites, near Pheonicia in the Catskills, offers some the best free camping. Either make, or use an existing fire pit from previous [...]

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Perfume House

Valery Gherman | October 2nd, 2007

A definite must when in Portland, Oregon is to visit The Perfume House. In a pretty unexpected location on a main road in Portland sits this unassuming fragrance store. Here you will discover the largest collection of ‘real’ perfumes for men and women in the world. Chris Tsefalas, the owner, has spent over forty years [...]

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Little Dix Bay, British Virgin Islands

Valery Gherman | August 15th, 2007

Thank God St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands was not our final destination. It was just our first stop. It seemed really built up and overdeveloped, with too many roads and it was kind of suburban looking. It definitely didn’t evoke the charm and allure of a postcard of a Caribbean Island. Thankfully flying [...]

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Angelika Film Center During Rush Hour

Valery Gherman | June 23rd, 2007

To be honest, I do really love this place.Angelika Theater in Soho is one of the the three main independant cinemas along Housten, the other being Sunshine Theater further east and the other Film Forum, which is further west. They all play the latest independant films and have a really great vibe. Angelika has a [...]

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Chalets We Love

Valery Gherman | May 30th, 2007

I know I should keep my most favourite places a secret, but this was way too cool to not share. Rather than staying at a hotel in Queenstown, I found this great rental. It’s one of seven great A-frame chalets overlooking Lake Wakatipu and 5 minutes from the centre of town. The house we stayed [...]

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Defending Our Oceans

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