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Ngong House, Nairobi, Kenya

Marion Hume | November 29th, 2012

The first sight of Ngong House, when you round the corner of the dirt track under the acacia trees, is of a low-lying bungalow.


Hogmead in Nairobi, Kenya

Marion Hume | November 9th, 2012

Photos by Fuzz Dyer
If you want wildlife with your breakfast (not in your breakfast, you understand) then I can think of no better place than Hogmead, in the leafy and gorgeous Karen district of Nairobi, Kenya where a wild boar might just saunter past as you are enjoying an early morning plate of poached eggs. [...]

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Fashion in the Middle East by Lindsey Botts

Guest Contributor | June 26th, 2012

Photos Courtesy of Pashion Magazine
Contrary to what most perceive as a conservative, restrictive society Cairo is a bustling epicenter of culture and style where more is always better. In fact, all over the Middle Eastern capitol the abays and niqabs worn by the women belie a fashion conscious consumer for whom western elegance and style [...]

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Stuff We Love - Carmina Campus Bags

Deana Bianco | July 21st, 2011

At RunawayNow, we love to embrace the perfect eco-friendly combination of sensibility and sustainability. Ilaria Venturini Fendi (yes, of the famous Fendis) is collaborating with The Ethical Fashion Programme of the United Nations Agency, the ITC and Milan’s greatest taste arbiteurs at 10, Corso Como in Milan to create handbags that are made 100% in [...]

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Hotels We Love - La Sultana in Marrakech

Marion Hume | April 13th, 2011

Photos Courtesy of La Sultana
Exhausted. Need to get away. Need to be pampered. Need delicious food. Need to just sink into a bliss of having everything PERFECT.
Now that the commute to Morocco has got so much better again (from the UK, British Airways have reintroduced the London-to-Marrakech route, meaning –Hallelujah — no more Royal Air [...]

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Marion Hume | March 11th, 2011

Plunge into the mysterious world of Marrakesh. To do this you want to be staying deep in the ancient Medina, where navigating home from dinner in Djemaa el Fna, the city square with its snake charmers and story tellers and stalls selling snail soup, is a challenge.
To me, Marrakesh is about secrets, which is [...]

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Get Yourself A Guide - Marrakech

Marion Hume | March 11th, 2010

Mohammed Bouskri has been guiding people through the maze that is the walled Medina old town of Marrakech for thirty years. Over that time Presidents Nixon, Carter, Bush Sr. and Reagan have availed themselves of his brilliance as have Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Sean Connery.
He’ll meet you at your riad (courtyard hotel) although he’d [...]

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Cape Town - 10 of the Best Summer Holidays

PaperPlane | August 3rd, 2007

Words by Kirk Owers
Set against the Indian Ocean and the spectacular Tabletop Mountain, Capetwon has long been spruiked as Africa’s most beautiful and happening city. Generally people don’t look to the African continent for a city experience but this is slowly changing. After a post-apartheid economic boost, Cape Town is steadily acquiring the cool tickets [...]

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Just a Glimpse

PaperPlane | July 4th, 2007

Words Adam Blakey
Photo Dustin Humphrey
Beautiful? Without doubt. Powerful? Absolutely. Ned Kelly? Not even close. This image, captured in Alexandria, showcases the extraordinary talent of Paperplane’s contributing portrait artist Dustin Humphrey. Dustin originally went to Egypt as part of a surf exploration venture but came home with a swag of material that literally defies the [...]

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Valery Gherman | February 1st, 2007

Within the past ten years, since apartheid ended in South Africa, the country has emerged as an attractive destination for tourists. With its beautiful beaches, world-class wine regions, natural beauty, and cosmopolitan lifestyle Capetown has become the country’s most popular destination. Its currency, the Rand, is relatively weak so the opportunity to indulge in luxury [...]

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Defending Our Oceans

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