Wieliczka Salt Mine, nr. Krakow, Poland

Rebecca May Johnson | March 4th, 2013

You might not think “key destination” at the mention of a salt mine near Krakow, but the sparkling crystalline kingdom in Wieliczka, with its own cathedral, three chapels and many statues carved out of the salt, will change that.


The Bieszczady Mountains and its Colourful Architecture Trail - A Step Into The Polish Past by Maria Korsak

Guest Contributor | September 22nd, 2012

Photos by Artur Swistak
It’s early morning and I am ready to start a discovery trail in the far-flung corner of Poland’s Bieszczady Mountains.
This rugged and isolated terrain bordering with Ukraine and Slovakia is full of gentle peaks with sweeping pastures known as “Poloniny” at the top, dense beech forests and fast flowing rivers in the [...]

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Jamie McLellan | November 3rd, 2006

In addition to being a beautiful and historic Polish city that was spared major destruction during WWII, Krakow also boasts some fascinating, often quite animated road and pedestrian signage.

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