Granada and Güéjar Sierra, Spain by Tania Kelley

Guest Contributor | November 21st, 2008

Granada, some say named by invading Arabs in the 8th century, is a university town in Andalusia. It is also the birthplace of the beautiful Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, who was shot here by the Nationalist Militia in 1936.
Perched above the old town, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, stands the Alhambra. The [...]

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Modern Art… Off the Beaten Path

PaperPlane | July 5th, 2008

Words by Carli Philips
Modern art museums are meant to be in the centre of town, right? A saunter over to the Tate Modern, an easy subway ride to MOMA, a short stroll to the Pompidou. Read the map, mark the route, follow the signs…wham bam thank you ma’am.
Contrary to contemporary tourist lore however, some [...]

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A Coruña

Jamie McLellan | December 16th, 2007

Flights to see a good friend who recently relocated to Spain cost myself and another friend 80p each plus tax on Ryanair. With tickets costing less that the price of offsetting our carbon footprint, how could we not go?
Flying into Santiago de Compostela, we hired a zippy little BMW that nearly killed us the following [...]

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Jamie McLellan | December 4th, 2007

Barcelona offered a colourful break away from the monotones of an English winter. The food & wine was of course fantastic (a favourite tapas spot being Carmelitas just off Los Ramblas), and Gaudi’s architecture offered a refreshing break from the seemingly endless number of Romanesque, Gothic, Rennaisance and Baroque cathedrals seen in so many other [...]

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PaperPlane | September 18th, 2007

Words Morgan Campbell
Photos Alberto Polo
Where as some cities have a frown-inducing bustle, Barcelona has more of a smile-sparking shuffle. The perfect place to enjoy the splendor and variety that a world class city has to offer while enjoying the wind down that you experience from an island holiday. Barcelona is currently hailed as one of [...]

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Atocha Station

Deana Bianco | June 2nd, 2007

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia
Madrid’s train station is going green. Recently Atocha Station (the main commuter station in Madrid) added a jungle of green goodness for all to see. Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, who won the Pritzker Prize for architecture in 1996, envisioned the breath taking 400 square meter jungle to make waiting for [...]

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Tariffa, Spain

Jamie McLellan | February 1st, 2007

Tariffa is a dusty, wind blown town at the southern tip of Spain where time is best spent enjoying the white sand beaches, hiking in the hills, drinking sherry and eating tapas. It is also one of the towns visited by Santiago in Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist.”
Some things I enjoyed:

Great windsurfing at the windy beaches [...]

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Tasty Market Treats - Barcelona

Valery Gherman | January 15th, 2007

Said to be one of the best food markets in Spain with a history dating back to the 13th century, Mercat de la la Boqueria is a must when in Barcelona. Smack in the middle of Las Ramblas, whether you are shopping and picking up treats or just browsing, the experience is sensational and a [...]

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Tips for Barcelona

Karen Walker | December 16th, 2006

Article by Karen Walker
Photos by Mikhail Gherman

When you’re in Barcelona, get into the Spanish routine of getting up early, having a siesta between one and four in the afternoon (when everything’s closed anyway), eating dinner around ten or eleven and getting to bed by one in the morning. If you don’t fit into this routine, [...]

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South of France/ Northern Spain

Karen Walker | October 31st, 2006

Story by Karen Walker
Photos by Mikhail Gherman
I recently drove from Perpignon to Barcelona, not in a direct line but rather in a meandering, twisting, turning exploratory way. We went through the poplar lined country lanes of Southern France and Northern Spain, up and down the sand dunes of the Costa Brava, along eight lane freeways [...]

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Defending Our Oceans

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