A Tale of Two Heavens - Corsica & Sardinia

Marion Hume | January 15th, 2011

Photos Courtesy of Just Sardinia
How about two slices of heaven (with some fresh ricotta drizzled with mountain honey on the side)? Southern Corsica and Northern Sardinia are so close they almost touch, yet they are worlds apart, and not just because of two nationalities (French, Italian) and four languages, (including Corsu and Sardu).
If your idea [...]

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Air Tahiti Nui

Peter Hunt | July 4th, 2007

Heaven is doing this with Air Tahiti Nui, surely the most delightfully old-fashioned carrier in the air, which takes your mind off the fear of flying. You feel like you are in the tropics the minute you step aboard - the seats are lagoon blue and the pillows canary yellow. The meal service in business [...]

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Ku De Ta

Murray Bevan | June 29th, 2007

Photos by Christopher Leggett
Ku De Ta is one of the most relaxing and sophisticated spots I’ve ever visited in my life.
To get there you have to drive out of the busy, tourist-laden streets and western hotels, through back streets and open suburbs, littered with shacks - basically the epitome of modern-day populated Bali, but once [...]

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Park Life

Deana Bianco | June 20th, 2007

Television at Summerstage Image Courtesy of Brooklynvegan.com
In the midst of the concrete jungle that I live in there are pieces of tranquility and peace found in NYC parks. It’s only in this crazy little place called Manhattan where you live on an island but rarely you get to sunbathe by the water (unless you retreat [...]

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Global Village Antiques and Collectables

Katie Lockhart | June 18th, 2007

Global Village Antiques and Collectables, The Regent Cinema, Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand

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Heaven in Eichardts

Peter Hunt | June 1st, 2007

You need to be seriously cashed up to stay at Eichardt’s Private Hotel in Queenstown, the snow capital of the South Island of New Zealand. Eichardt’s has reclaimed the elegance of its Gold Rush days, but with a modern, comfortable twist. Downstairs, the cheery bar is the kind you wish existed more often, (great for [...]

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Gruppo Pizza

Valery Gherman | April 20th, 2007

To date, this is my favourite pizza spot in NYC. This cute little restaurant in alphabet city has the most delicious and thinnest crust pizza.I love the tiny booths for two, and the bar is perfect for the lone diner. After moving back into the neighbourhood, I found this place by accident after staring [...]

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Bebek Hotel in Istanbul

Marion Hume | December 4th, 2006

You can lie in your comfortable bed at the Bebek Hotel, Istanbul and hear the deep boom of the giant ships making their way up the Bosphorus Strait to the Black Sea. By day, the view out over the water from your balcony is sublime and there’s a great bar downstairs where you can sit [...]

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Karen Walker | December 3rd, 2006

Story by Karen Walker
Photos by Mikhail Gherman
The Italians have tricked us all into thinking that Capri is a small island off the Amalfi Coast but I’ve discovered the truth. It’s actually a Disneyland ride bringing you all the greatest Southern Italian clichés in one confined space. Walt Disney built it in the 50’s [...]

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Vomo, Fiji

Karen Walker | November 28th, 2006

Story by Karen Walker
Photos by Mikhail Gherman
For a mid-price point piece of paradise in Fiji try Vomo. This tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean is unforgettable. Here are just some of the reasons why I love Vomo and keep going back year after year:

There are only a couple of dozen little villas along a [...]

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Defending Our Oceans

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