Modern Art… Off the Beaten Path

PaperPlane | July 5th, 2008

Words by Carli Philips
Modern art museums are meant to be in the centre of town, right? A saunter over to the Tate Modern, an easy subway ride to MOMA, a short stroll to the Pompidou. Read the map, mark the route, follow the signs…wham bam thank you ma’am.
Contrary to contemporary tourist lore however, some [...]

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Deep in the Heart of Texas

Deana Bianco | May 13th, 2008

Photos by Dave Burnett
Texas is a gem in America that I have always been curious about. From the ten gallon cowboy hats to The Alamo, to rodeos and that ultra glam 80’s drama ‘Dallas’, I’ve always been intrigued by what Texas has to offer. This spring, I decided to mosey my way down to [...]

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Defending Our Oceans

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